Into His Presence: New Album by Sherry McPherson

D3011M.epsInto His Presence: Songs of Hope and Healing

“Through times of great trial, distress and trouble, I sought the Lord in the midst of it all. I was drawn into His embrace, so much, that I kept coming back to Him for more. Through His great love He graciously would give me a new song to sing that would draw me deeper into worship. These songs became my lifeline to hope and peace. Every time, they would lift my heavy heart and I could go back into the battle filled with strength and confidence.” -Sherry

Just Released: Matt & Sherry’s New CD “Don’t Walk, Run”

Don't Walk, Run“We are very excited about this new CD. We gave our session players free reign to add their creative ideas to the arrangements of these songs. It was the most enjoyable and the best outcome for all of us. Our desire is to bless people with these songs and to encourage hope and freedom to those who listen.” -Matt & Sherry

Coming Soon: New Matt & Sherry CD

Recording is in process for Matt & Sherry’s new CD. Release time: early 2012.

“We are very excited about this new project. These are our best songs yet and although it’s been slow in the making with juggling many things in our lives along with getting this project completed, we are excited to bless people with these songs. We always write out of our personal experiences, and this stage in our lives has brought many experiences to write about.” -Matt & Sherry

New Dave Cleveland CD: Hope In Motion