Faith Walk
Erin Schneider

Faith WalkWith its message of encouragement and songs that linger in your heart, Faith Walk introduces a young artist worth hearing.

Don’t Walk, Run
Matt and Sherry McPherson

Don't Walk, RunMatt and Sherry write songs that express their heart and passion for God and life. Their personal experiences are a big part of the songs on Don’t Walk, Run, and their prayer is that you will be encouraged and blessed.

Kelly Willard

Paga'Pagá features songs of surrender and living by faith in the One who loves us more than we can fathom. Musically beautiful and spiritually powerful, Pagá is an album that will inspire listeners toward a deeper relationship with our Creator and Lord.

Something That Lasts
Mark Alan

Something That LastsSomething That Lasts is simply the latest project in a growing discography for the young artist. From a very early age, Mark’s faith has been the driving force in his life. That inspiration is always evident in his music.

Slow Down
Matt and Sherry McPherson

Slow DownSlow Down focuses on living out our faith in everyday life. Themes include spending intimate time with God, celebrating His goodness, loving and praying for our families, witnessing to others, and focusing on the things in life that really matter.

Best In Me
Erin Schneider

Best In MeSpinning her own brand of “profound pop,” Erin has a message of hope for all who struggle with the challenges of life.

I Will Rejoice
Matt and Sherry McPherson

I Will RejoiceThese beautiful original worship songs create a unique blend of styles ranging from modern pop, old style funk, acoustic roots, orchestrated traditional, to simplistic and power ballads. This variety can be used in many different styles of church worship, encouraging wide participation.

Not Forgotten
Erin Schneider

Not ForgottenAs she sings and shares every chance she gets, Erin’s message is simple: Seek out what God has for you and go for it in faith. He’s always going to use a willing heart; all He wants to know is that you’re willing to do what He wants you to do.

Matt and Sherry McPherson

McPhersonThese songs will encourage and strengthen the weary, and draw to the Lord those who are searching to find new life and hope. You will be blessed with the message of each song, and Matt & Sherry’s prayer is that you come to know the “Soul Safe Harbor” that is only found in Jesus Christ.