Sacred Ground
Bruce Gaitsch

Sacred Ground takes the listener on a journey through Gaitsch’s musical landscape, and showcases Gaitsch’s mastery of the acoustic guitar.

Chasing the Wind
Tom Hemby

Tom sets the gorgeous tone of his McPherson acoustic guitars against irresistible rhythmic grooves and sonic atmospheres that make Chasing the Wind well worth repeated listenings.

The Song Within
Phil Keaggy

The Song Within is an all new acoustic instrumental album which offers a fresh collection of Phil’s trademark memorable melodies and gorgeous atmospheric settings. A masterpiece!

Shades of Light
Mark Baldwin

For memorable melodies and impeccable musicianship, Shades of Light shines. Mark Baldwin is an in demand studio musician and producer, solidly established in the ever-changing Nashville music scene.

Hope In Motion
Dave Cleveland

For Dave Cleveland, Hope in Motion is a testament to his continued musical growth as he distills his masterful style into its most perfect, understated form. “Hope in Motion” is a CD you’ll want to hear over and over again.

Bruce Gaitsch

The thirteen original instrumentals of Sincerely feature Bruce’s rootsy guitar work. Five of the finest vintage and modern microphones captured the exquisite tone of Bruce’s McPherson guitars to create possibly the best sounding acoustic guitar recording ever.

Within Reach
Dave Cleveland

Within Reach features twelve instrumentals that not only showcase Dave’s impeccable playing, but his knack for composing melodies that you’ll find yourself humming day and night.